In the documentary Frozen Kids different men tell about their experiences with sexual abuse in their childhood. You almost never hear or read about men who are the victim of sexual abuse.

Director: Cees Franke
Producer: Cees Franke
Running time: 90, 52 and 30 minutes
Sales: Cees Franke Producties BV. cees@ceesfranke.com

Men are often too ashamed to acknowledge their abuse. For men the step to for instance say “I sleep with my mother” seems larger then for girls acknowledging “My father touches me”. Encouraged by the startling disclosures of sexual abuse within the Catholic church surfacing lately, more men are willing to come forward and tell their stories.

Being frozen
The titel ‘Frozen kids’ refers to a state of mind originated during sexual abuse.
Cutting off emotions,’ disappearing’ or ‘becoming someone else’, as it were, are well known survival mechanisms caused by sexual abuse. Many survivors compare it to freezing mentally and physically during the abuse, like you’re not there. The shocking fact in these stories is that this state of mind keeps coming back in the rest of the victims lives. In relationships, friendships and work situations Frozen Kids are mostly not able to act in a assertive manner. They repeat the pattern of being frozen. Outwardly they seem just fine while inwardly victims struggle with setting and maintaining boundaries. Often they also suffer from a lack of self determination and carry the burden of feelings of inadequacy. This can lead to severe mental and physical health problems.

In Frozen Kids a great number of adult men tell about the sexual acts they had to perform against their will. They where [either forced by their father, mother, neighbour,
older friend, (sports) teacher or aunt or uncle. Damaged in their development as a child, they have to face and deal with the consequences on a daily basis. Long term effects of child abuse have often been compared to those of incarceration in concentration camps.

A child has a natural inquisitive mind set. Adults should play a supporting role in this set, in which the child can learn how to set boundaries. Sexual abuse is therefore not standing alone. The educator and social surrounding have a preventing and signaling role. Children should be able to grow up in a safe environment in which their boundaries are respected. An environment in which they can experiment and discover without any permanent damage.

Shocking Testimonies
The film Frozen Kids is a composed of shocking testimonies. Through actual seemingly dispassionate enumeration of events the film submits an appealing testimony of something that’s similar to child murder. In this documentary facts are presented in a non-emotional way in order to avoid sensationalism and to let the facts speak for themselves.
The grown men featured in this documentary have all got one thing in common: they are condemned to a life full of fear and distrust. They still have to face the consequences everyday, “I have said yes way to often when I meant no”.

Goal of Frozen Kids, the documentary, is to show the disastrous consequences children have to face when their boundaries are exceeded. With this documentary we want to address, create and enlarge awareness of the importance of guarding and respecting (sexual) boundaries; particularly with children.

Goal of the film
By making this film I, Cees Franke, have got a few goals. One important goal is to make the film an education aid. For young people on secondary education as well as studies for social workers. Also for Medicine and Psychology students this film will have a contribution to recognizing and signalling sexual abuse problems.
When there are enough donations, we would like to make an information packet for secondary school and higher education. Cees Franke is available on invitation to give a short intro to the film.
Because of the huge amount of testimonies this film contributes to the processing- and process of acceptance of the victims. Frozen Kids also contributes to the public debate on sexual abuse of boys and men, a till now underexposed group of victims.

To make this documentary and contribute to the public debate, we need ½ to ¾ of a year on a budget of 70.000. When 700 people donate just 100 euro we have accomplished our goal! On this budget we can do interviews with 25-50 men and process their stories. In the final project administration we give a clear explanation of what we do with the donated money. The report on this is available for every sponsor or co-creator

Update January 8 2012: Foundation platVorm takes over the whole production of Frozen Kids.
This film is coming together because of the stake and financial support of many people. This comes in the form of work or money. We choose this form of producing and financing because we don’t want anything to do with any bureaucracy, in connection to regular financing.

Foundation platVorm (KvK 41236508) is sponsor of Frozen Kids and adopts projects for the purpose of Frozen Kids by filmmaker Cees Franke. PlatVorm organized the Awareness Concert for example, on the 18th of November 2011 in Manifesto Hoorn. With the help of many volunteers.

The budget (EUR. 70.000) is composed from different posts: Development costs, project promotion, rights and manuscript, fees crew, tools, locations- /studio costs, image, montage, sound, finish, transport costs, subsistence, insurance, publicity, promotion & release, general costs, producers fee & overhead costs.

We want maximal transparency in the spending of the donations en works. It has to be clear who donated what and where the money has gone. For the purpose of financial accountability of Frozen Kids Reijnders & Partners, Accountants en Belastingadviseurs in Bladel will do the administration of the project. The will also make a composition declaration when the film is finished. The financial accountability is available for every sponsor and donator. By these means we want to keep things as transparent as we can.

Creative input
‘For this special project I brought in some creative input. Aside from the fact that Cees is a great guy, I think it’s important that there is more awareness and transparency.’
Gijs van Dinther – Provocatine.nl

Website & texts
‘I’m happy to be involved in the Frozen Kids project as a text-writer and web-developer. Cees Franke is trying by means of crowd funding to get the things he needs to make this special and touching documentary. I’m impressed by everything I have seen so far and I think the film must come. That is the reason I’m contributing to the website, Facebook page and texts. Good luck with your project Cees!’

Jan Fokke Oosterhof – Bestaansverwondering.com

Financial controle
Reijnders & Partners
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+ 31 (0)49) 7386440

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